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Let Illuminated lettering light up your world

ABC Lettering

Bumbumbee is always busy with new creations, but it’s been busier than usual recently.  You see it’s a certain little lady’s first birthday very soon and I have been pulling out the creative stops to conjure up something special to mark the occasion. While I was in the ‘zone’ thinking through numerous ideas, I began exploring concepts around personalised decoration.

Creating in the ‘wee small hours’ as is often the case around here, I worked through a few mock-ups, designs and themes until I settled upon ‘Illuminated Lettering’.

Contrary to what it may sound like, ‘Illuminated Lettering’ does not light up – well not in the way Blackpool does. That said, ‘Illuminated’ comes from the Latin ‘illuminare’ which does actually mean ‘to light up’ – so traditionally there is a ‘glow’ created by radiant colours used for the lettering or illustrations.

Many of you would know of ‘Illuminated lettering’ if you have been to church or are familiar with the artwork in Bibles. In the Christian Scripture Manuscripts, that lettering would often be decorated by real gold and silver. These hand-made illuminated manuscripts were initially created by monks in abbeys.  Just imagine what a painstaking process that must have been.

As you can see, I have taken this concept and given it a modern twist using gorgeous, Scottish wildflowers for inspiration, though the range of potential customisations is limitless.

Here at Bumbumbee, we think you’ll agree these decorated alphabet letters would brighten up any room or birthday party celebration. They work equally well on their own if you want to use them as artwork to represent your family members in your household. After all, they are pieces of art in their own right.

So without further ado, I’m pleased to announce our latest Bumbumbee creation is now up on our online store. Well, I couldn’t keep these letters to ourselves could I?

To order, just message me to let me know which letters you would like and I’d love to know how you will use your ‘Illuminated Letters’ too. I have also included a link to our online store so you can go ahead and order there too.

As with all our Artwork, a file can be emailed to you once I’ve completed your letter(s) – so you have the flexibility to print out at home yourself. Alternatively, I can organise delivery with a quality window mount so it’s ready to hang on the wall. 

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