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Summer celebrations with pirates and rainbows

Cake Topper

June was filled with celebrations at home. Father’s Day was a day of fun for Alex and the kids. I don’t know what we would we do without him, so we had to make a small fuss of course. He gets just excited about food and cake as the wild ones believe me.

We also celebrated another milestone in the family – Adam turned 5. I can’t quite believe this tiny human has been on the planet for 5 years. He is such a sociable and gregarious bundle of smiles and hilarity so ‘containing’ him through numerous lockdowns has had its challenges. We are so lucky to have so much outdoor space and nature where we live, so while he’s been unable to catch up as frequently with the friends and cousins he loves during the last 18 months, he has at least been able to be in the fresh air and the great outdoors.

As you know Bumbumbee is all about creating memorable themes, unique illustrations (and memories) to celebrate life’s milestones so imagine the fun I had coming up with ideas for a five-year-old’s birthday celebration. Originally Adam had decided we were going with the whole rainbow vibe, so I got busy making cakes, cake toppers and various decorations that reflected all the colours of the rainbow (as you do). However, in true five-year-old boy style, he decided at the eleventh hour he wanted to be a Pirate. Of course dear heart! As you are probably aware, when your child decides he wants to be a Pirate there’s no talking him out of it so we ended up with a Rainbow Pirate theme instead.

On a creative level, I think it’s good to mix things up a bit and go with the flow. Some days we all feel like we want to channel our inner pirate – other days are sweetness and light, rainbows, unicorns, and hundreds and thousands.

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