Copyright Protected

All artwork and designs on this site are Copyright © 2021-2023 of the originator and owner Emma Airnes of BumBumBee Creative. All rights reserved.

While Emma asserts ownership/copyright on all her creative works, she is happy for people to share her work so long as credit is given.

Ultimately, copyright is intended to stop people from passing off original creations (music/art, writing or otherwise) as their own (and thus impacting earning potential, reputation, and Rights management).  However,  as long as sharing is done with fairness and attribution in mind, all is well and we can all enjoy their works.

Emma Airnes (Bumbumbee Creative) has created a distinct ‘voice’ / look and feel across all her illustrations, yet she willingly shares her work and her techniques, so please show respect and give thanks by sharing her name when you share a post or artwork created by Emma or on behalf of Bumbumbee Creative.

For the sake of clarity, however, you may share images from this site as long as you have either:

  • paid for the work beforehand
  • included a link back to the website and/or credit to Emma Airnes of Bumbumbee Creative.
If you would like further clarification on wording of the Credit please contact Emma through her Facebook or Instagram pages. Thank you.