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Fiver Fest

Fiver Fest

Fiver Fest BurntislandIf you are local to the Burntisland area, or a frequent visitor to Bumbumbee’s social media pages and website, you may have noticed we are getting a little bit excited about an upcoming event. From the 10th  October until 24th October 2020, we are taking part in the TOTALLY LOCALLY, Burntisland Fiver Fest.

Totally Locally Burntisland is a community initiative to support our local shops, businesses, crafts people and artists. 

There are over 50 independent businesses (including Bumbumbee Creative) coming together to make this one of our largest and most successful events yet. 

This year, more than any other, it is vital we support our local and small businesses.  Here at Bumbumbee Creative, we want to do our part to make Burntisland an even stronger, more vibrant and resilient place to live and work.  Working with other local businesses in this way really fosters a sense of community and we can already feel a new vibrancy, a spirit of cooperation, and pride in our local High Street.

We are sworn to secrecy about what exactly we will be offering but do keep checking back to our website, Instagram and Facebook for details.

All we will say is, businesses taking part will each put on special £5 offers over 2 weeks, to show the diversity and value of what they sell, and to say thank you to the communities that support them.

So keep an eye out for some special promotions coming your way very soon – and help support local shops, businesses, crafts people and artists.  Oh and make sure you support Bumbumbee Creative (unfortunately the organisers got our business name wrong in a flyer that was going out to thousands !! Aagghh …what can you do – except take it on the chin … and spread the word that Bumbumbee is Burntisland’s very own creative.)

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