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Every illustration – every creation is a work of art in its own right. I live in Australia at the moment – but these pieces keep me connected to my Scottish home – the changing seasons, the fauna and the amazing birdlife on our shores. I can’t choose a favourite. They are all so unique and so special. 

Evie McRae, Writer: Tasmania

Nature's Autumnal palette adds warming honey tones to the buttery yellows of summer...

A chill in the air signals the return of our cooler months. As temperatures begin to drop, the honeybees retreat to their hives where they work together to keep warm. We’re feeling those vibes here too in the Bumbumbee studio as our thoughts turn to warm colours and comforting textures – all inspired by the flora and fauna around us. I love the coppers, burnt oranges, apricots and honey tones and flashes of reds that make an appearance in nature at this time of year.