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The Princess and the Queen


In my last post I shared the three swallows I’d been working on. Well, the number three has popped up again – and this time it’s in the shape of a special birthday. Little wild child Rosie was three this month which can only mean one thing – we made it through the terrible twos – relatively unscathed.

In typical Rosie style, she managed to celebrate with three birthday cakes across her three-day celebration.  At this point, I want to say – ‘outdoing the Queen who has two birthdays’ but as most of us know, the Queen passed away on 8th September 2022. The State funeral was held on Monday the 19th but we managed to squeeze in a soft play party on the Sunday before. We are sure the Queen would have approved and agreed that a three-year-old has every right to feel like a princess on her birthday –complete with crown – even if it does land within a period of national mourning.

There’s always a little sense of sadness as September draws to a close because it means the outdoor days are getting shorter and the temperatures hint at the colder days to come.

On the upside, here in the Northern Hemisphere, we have thoughts of Christmas to keep us warm. I have been in creative mode, working on turning an existing drawing into some festive wrapping paper. I am at the stage where I triple-check that the repeat is seamless, I can still see mistletoe when I close my eyes!

But enough of that. Let’s not wish away the last days of Summer just yet. Still plenty of time for beach visits to collect shells and pebbles and soak in the colours of the sky and sea. After all, we’ve got to work off three birthday cakes and an excess of three-year-old princess energy somehow. In the meantime enjoy a picture from last year showing Rosie rocking a crown and little angel wings (of course).

See you in October…

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