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Buzzing with excitement

buzzing with excitement

Hello everyone. We are buzzing with excitement here at Bumbumbee Creative this week. You see we have a double celebration on our hands. Some of you may know 20th May 2021 is World Bee Day – a day that reminds us about the importance of protecting and preserving bees. Our bees are crucial pollinators and reports suggest we could literally die without them – such is the scale of pollination the humble bumblebee is responsible for.  May 20th is also an exciting day specifically for the Bumbumbee family. It was one year ago we launched Bumbumbee Creative – with a blog post about Bees on our blogging platform – The Hive.

The bumblebee symbolises the busy worker, working hard for the collective hive, going from flower to flower, gathering pollen to create something organic for us all to enjoy. It also serves as a reminder that we need to nurture and protect our wildlife and our planet. We thought this was the perfect face for Bumbumbee Creative since we care passionately about sustainability and the world around us. As parents it’s our responsibility to ensure the future for our children and their children and to lead by example.

Adam has always been fascinated by the wee beasties around him and none more so than the colourful ‘bumbumbee’. The name stuck in our family, and we thought his interpretation was a lovely reminder to always try and see the world through children’s eyes. And so Bumbumbee Creative took flight.

We were working hard behind the scenes on the lead up to the launch of Bumbumbee Creative last year and yet for all the planning, we could never have anticipated what lay ahead. For so many, 2020 was a year of incredible hardship and suffering, and for so many parts of the world, this suffering has intensified. It has made me particularly grateful for my family, my community, my work and my health. Mental health has been a key area of concern for those who have struggled with the lockdown. I know myself, it’s been the walks along the coast and an outlet through my creative side that’s kept me and the family ‘relatively’ sane.

So, it has been a very different year for us all, but I just wanted to say I have been SO grateful – at times – overwhelmed – by all your positivity and support for Bumbumbee in its first year. Thank you to the stockists who have taken Bumbumbee Cards and notebooks, thank you to all those who supported various community initiatives such as FiverFest or Meet the Maker. A HUGE thank you to all those who have bought or commissioned illustrations and creations – it has been an absolute joy to work on these for you.

As a token of my thanks and by way of celebration of our beautiful bees, look out for our give-away at the end of May. In the meantime, enjoy all things bee-related – and thank you once more for all your support. Em x

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