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A berry merry Christmas

misteltoe and holly

Dare I say it? The C-word? No not C*v*D… It seems Christmas is only a few short weeks away even though it only seems like five minutes since I was wrapping presents into the wee small hours last time.

Since last year’s Christmas cards flew out the door I decided to illustrate a couple of new designs for 2021. This year’s designs are traditional with a modern twist and they incorporate the mark-making techniques that everyone enjoys so much. So, without further ado – I bring you – Holly and Mistletoe.

Christmas in Scotland just wouldn’t be complete without these two. Perhaps the Mistletoe brings back some innocent memories of a first kiss or childhood memories of receiving a prickly jag from the leaves of the Holly. Against the backdrop of snow, the Holly’s blood-red berries create a dramatic splash of colour. Both of these berries provide food for birds throughout the winter – particularly for our feathery friend the Robin who featured in last year’s cards along with his festive friend the Pheasant.

As you know, I take pride in creating original artwork. OK – I admit it – I am a perfectionist and strive for quality across everything I do – from the illustration and artwork to the packaging. I treat each piece as a work of art – to the point that even our greeting cards can be framed as a small print in their own right (well that’s what I used to do when I was a poor student – and still enjoy doing now if I’m honest).  This year’s cards are no different. The Holly and Mistletoe designs are printed on heavy-weight textured cardstock, from fully sustainable forests. Card is 150x150mm, with a brown Kraft envelope and compostable sleeve and they are available in packs of four – two in each design.

I hope you’ll enjoy sending these new designs to your friends or perhaps you’ll decide to keep them for yourself – I won’t tell.  

Send me a quick message if you’d like to get your order in now. After all, Christmas is coming whether we like it or not – at least we can make a start with some Holly, Mistletoe – and maybe some wine.

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