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ecowrap fabric

It’s 5.22pm on the 22nd of May and the year is 2022. You could say the number 2 is a bit special to me right now. Numerically speaking the number 2 is a positive number, a whole number, and the smallest, even prime number. Spiritually and symbolically speaking the number two is all about duality, relationships, harmony and partnerships, while personally speaking, well little Rosie is 2 and … incredibly … Bumbumbee Creative is also 2 years old. That’s right this week we reached the terrible two’s – oh wait a minute – no that’s Rosie – Bumbumbee has reached Tremendous, Terrific Twos.

As I look back over the milestones and achievements over the past 2 years, I feel incredibly proud. Just as our wee ones must grow, take their first tentative steps, find their feet and find their voice, so too we must take out first tentative steps in bringing our creative dreams to life. I have nurtured ‘the dream’ and had hopes that those early steps were just the start of something even bigger.

To study for years, then teach the arts and design is one thing – to step out from behind that and create designs for paying customers is quite another. It can leave you feeling slightly vulnerable. There’s always that little voice inside nagging away, ‘is it good enough?’ or ‘am I good enough?’ Those of you who suffer from ‘imposter syndrome will know exactly what I’m talking about. But you know what they say – ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway’. Luckily, I have a whole bunch of supporters around me – cheering me on – particularly on those days I feel the fear or the demands of work and family threaten my creative time. There’s so much to be grateful for, but amongst the things I appreciate the most are those of you who have bought my illustrations and those businesses who have stocked my work. A big thank you to you all. It’s because of you we’re turning two!

Unwrapping some birthday love

Still on the theme of all the two’s, I mentioned that the number two is symbolic of partnerships and relationships which is quite appropriate since we have some exciting news to share. News I’ve been keeping ‘under wraps’ so to speak.

Leaf Natural Food Wraps is a Markinch-based business specialising in wax wraps and other eco products. They approached me some time ago with the idea of collaborating on a local wildflower pattern that could be used on their organic unbleached calico fabric.

Creating patterns of this nature can be quite intricate to get right as there are so many considerations, particularly when transferred to fabric – but I was excited and up for the challenge. In a project like this there is a lot of thinking time before concepts come to the fore. A partnership is a blend of many ideas, visions, briefs and evolving concepts – each of us bringing our respective strengths to the table. Ultimately, I think the magic was there and we worked together to create something unique that we can both be proud of.

The design features poppies, pansies, St John’s wort, forget-me-nots and elderflowers, interlaced with birch leaves to tie in with Leaf Natural Food Wrap’s logo in vintage tones.

The first batch of fabric is going to be used across a full range of products in the next week or two, and they’ll make their debut at Balgove Larder Night Market on Tuesday 7th June 2022, so do let me know if you spot them and what you think of the design.

Well, no self-respecting 2 year old birthday celebration is complete without some cake, so on that note, I am going to see what crumbs the Bumbumbee family have left me. My birthday wish for all of you who have creative dreams is to be brave and courageous – feel the fear and do it anyway. Until next time …

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