Extended (exclusive) License

A commercial concern or private business may  require artwork for a global advertising campaign or an online business. The Extended (Exclusive) License provides the Right to use the artwork defined in the License Agreement

There is a cost associated with any origination of artwork and/or artwork files. Consideration is also given to time spent/materials/specialist tools/techniques – and this would be paid upfront – and priced separate to the Extended Exclusive Use License Fee for transparency. 

Estimates provided on receipt of Brief but a Ballpark for commissioned original artwork ranges from £150.00 – £2000 depending on timescale/product/singular or product range/channels/market/regions.

Stationery and gift cards across local regions will be at the lower price point whereas, merchandise, global marketing campaigns will be at the upper price point).

Upon dispatch of the artwork files, the Extended Exclusive Use License would come into effect.

In terms of ballpark the Extended Exclusive Use License can be anything from £150-£1000 (depending on timescale/product/channel) for one design, with a sliding scale coming into play for more than one design. 

The artwork/singular or range may only be used by the licensee. Emma Airnes (the Creative) may not reproduce, sell, or give the artwork away for free to anyone else during the term of the Exclusive License. 

An exclusive license can be long-term or short term, though no less than one-year and no more than three-year duration for the first Agreement. This can be reviewed/re-negotiated and re-signed one month before the end of the agreed Term to ensure continuity.