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1000 Thanks

It’s hard to believe it now but 12 months ago I was still in the ‘thinking/scoping/ research phase’ of Bumbumbee Creative. Or, perhaps as my sister would affectionately say, the ‘umming and ahing’ stage of Bumbumbee Creative.

I had always dreamt of having my own creative business and everyone kept saying ‘you should sell your illustrations’, but I’ll be honest, I was apprehensive – I felt the fear. It’s one thing to create artwork for friends and family – but quite another to create illustrations and put them ‘out there’ for people to buy. It’s a little piece of yourself that you put in that artwork, so it feels raw to put it out there. I care about the quality of every single piece of work I do. Such perfectionism can actually hold you back – but but luckily the Art Teacher in me decided ‘OK – the time is now’.

I finally took my courage in both hands at the end of May 2020 and to be honest, I’ve barely had a second to look back. When you consider the craziness of 2020, it was a potentially insane time to start a new venture. Which is why looking at Instagram today, I’m overwhelmed with such gratitude to you all.

You see today, Bumbumbee Creative hit a mini milestone – 1000 followers! I can hardly believe it to be honest and I am genuinely touched that so many of you have joined us on our journey.

Thank you SO MUCH for your support and for getting involved in everything from creating rainbows for our windows, to charity events to our local business initiatives through COVID. Thank you for sharing your milstones and magical moments with us. It’s been such an honour to create keepsakes to welcome new babies into the world or to celebrate new homes. It has been so appreciated and I get a little rush of excitement when I realise this is still just the beginning. In fact as I write, I’m planning a new collection inspired from some of our lockdown walks which I hope you’ll enjoy.

If I had any words of wisdom to impart it would have to be ‘Feel the Fear – and do it anyway’ – because let’s face it – none of us know what tomorrow will bring. I certainly didn’t expect to wake up to 1000 Followers on Insta !!

Thanks for bee-ing here!



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