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Spring Promises of Bluebells, Butterflies & Birds


Our human brains love ‘patterns’. We have a natural aptitude in recognizing them. Writers, particularly journalists, love nothing more than an amazing alliteration where the first consonant in every word (or stressed syllables within the words) is repeated. You can see patterns in poetic stanzas using ABA rhyming patterns or even the not-so-humble syllabic Haiku – all examples of a pattern.

As a nature lover, I observe patterns all around as we cycle through the seasons. Nature is full of patterns from the rings inside a tree trunk, to the waves that ebb and flow on our coastal beaches. I find it mesmerising and meditative to study the patterns in the smallest petal, leaf, feather or scale. My latest illustration is a pattern that brought me joy to create. Its shape and emergence in our Scottish woodlands is a welcome reminder, a hopeful promise, that Spring is softening the hard ground, and the sun will rise above the horizon for more than a few hours a day.

There is a very good reason why our brains love patterns and it’s key to our survival. Pattern recognition allows us to anticipate what comes next. Our brains are busily matching and sorting, comparing images we see with images we have stored so we can assess whether something could be a threat. Put simply, patterns help us make sense of the world and our place in it.

When you look at the graceful bowing bell of the bluebell or watch the butterfly ‘s natural display of geometric colours and patterns as it gathers the bluebell’s nectar, you instantly feel the associated memories come flooding back. Memories of sunshine and bird song that have been in hibernation along with your summer clothes and bucket and spade.

In the natural world, the ‘blue’ Bluebell connects us to the blue of water and the blue of the sky. Water is the source of life, while blue skies mean optimism and possibilities. So we can say the colour blue reminds us of freedom and care -free days – it reminds us of Spring and new beginnings.  

We made it through the winter. Welcome to Spring everyone. I hope you enjoy my latest Bluebell pattern ….

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