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Busy bees in Burntisland

nourishing ideas for the future

June’s been a busy month for us here at Bumbumbee Creative. There’s always a sense of excitement around the Summer months as we wait on that big golden ball in the sky to make an appearance (no matter how fleeting). It’s a time of year where Burntisland comes to life too and days are filled with more enjoyable, less blustery, walks along the coastline or through the seaside town. June also means getting busy with the fabulous ‘Fiver Fest which we are delighted to be a part of again.

Last October we made the decision to take part, not really knowing what to expect. The event was so well received and helped forge some new creative and community bonds that we didn’t have to think twice about taking part again.

Totally Locally Fiver Fest is a community initiative to support local shops, businesses, craftspeople and artists. Last year was touted as one of the largest, most successful events yet – but that was before Burntisland’s Fiver Fest June 2021 took centre stage. Ta Da …

This year’s event took place between June 12 and June 26 with businesses in the town offering amazing deals on their products and services for just £5.00. Seriously £5.00!!

Considering the rough 18 months everyone has had, to see (a) Burntisland filled with ‘suitably socially distanced’ shoppers and tourists buying from the local community (b) those shoppers benefit from really amazing prices for quality products or original crafts and illustrations, was just such a WIN WIN all round. Added to this – who doesn’t love Burntisland in the Summer?

For those who couldn’t make it to Burntisland, there were many offerings online too, so nobody missed out. One thing I have noticed is that Fiver Fest has a snowball effect in the community. Every year more and more people get involved, and those who missed out last year were determined to join the community this year. The snowballing extends beyond business to friendships groups and a real strengthening of the community spirit. It’s events like these that make a town an enjoyable place to live.

Businesses with a conscience

At the end of a fantastic two weeks, Bumbumbee Creative got together to run a pop-up shop with two amazing business ladies in Burntisland.They are both extremely talented and have created something very special for the market. Bumbumbee Creative got together with them because we all share the same desire and commitment to see more sustainability ‘in the mix’ when it comes to our business offerings.

This brings me perfectly to the first of those businesses – Céic Bottled. Céic Bottled create eco-friendly mixes of cakes – pre-mixed scones, pre-mixed brownies, pre-mixed biscuits, pre-mixed pancakes, pre-mixed muffins, pre-mixed cookies. Apart from making life easier for the little bakers in us all – the clever strategy to bottle all the ingredients required, reduces waste and surplus plastics and wrappings that generally accompany the baking process.

Céic Bottled is committed to sustainably sourced ingredients and provides vegan & gluten free mix options. Why not check out the website. I bet you can’t leave without placing an order –

If the aroma of cakes and all things delicious didn’t entice you to our pop up shop, then perhaps the luscious and divine aromas of bodylushious did the trick. Their Earth friendly soaps, salves and other natural skincare products are created to give your whole body the special care and attention it deserves. 

Bodylushious Founder Bronwyn Tutty says on her website, “You want to feel delicious and indulgent without stressing out your bank balance, or the world’s resources. I created Bodylushious to help people live a more delicious and joyful life through natural skincare and joyful dance.”

To work alongside these ladies, surrounded by such luscious, delicious, caring products felt nourishing and enriching. I think that’s what Fiver Fest is all about – aside form the great bargains to be had – the nourishing end enriching experience of businesses and people coming together to create a vibrant community. For me it’s also about new friends, new connections and like-minded people to share exciting ideas for the future.



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