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Little Bumbumbee starts school

new little bee

August in Scotland means it’s back-to-school time for teachers and students alike. The end of this year’s summer holiday was harder than most for me personally since my grown-up little Bumbumbee headed to school for the first time.

I spoke to a few ‘old hands’ ahead of the big day. They know the drill. Every one of them told me – pack the tissues, you will cry – but don’t let him see your tears – because this is a big happy day for him, and he doesn’t need to be worrying about what’s wrong with mum. You never think you’re going to be ‘that’ mum do you? All the ‘old hands’ nod knowingly and sympathetically.

It’s a hard day – another milestone – knowing your little one is no longer solely dependent on you to fill their needs and keep them safe and happy. You feel like you are parting with the biggest treasure on the earth – entrusting them to strangers to do what you have done. Lion King comes to mind when Simba is presented to the Kingdom.

It’s important to remember though, the adventure is just beginning for them. They will have friends, teachers, activities and learnings to fill their day now. They are taking their first independent steps out into the world and all we can do is be there to support and guide them – until they no longer want that support and guidance. Even then, I have it on good authority, you will continue to support and guide them even if it’s from a distance.

As I wave him off at the school gates, desperately trying to hold it together until he’s out of view, I realise the best thing I can do at this moment, is go home, put the kettle on and give my littlest Bumbumbee a great big hug.

To all who’ve had to wave your little ones off to school for the first time – I feel for you. But just think of all that extra time we’ve got to ourselves to begin that creative project we’ve been putting off … after we’ve had a good cry of course.

I hope you like my new ‘grown-up’ little bee created to mark yet another milestone in the Bumbumbee family. Fly high little Bumbumbee.

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