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Take note – it’s Mothering Sunday soon

letterbox gift

Don’t forget if you live in Scotland – Mothering Sunday is 14th March. I have a few goodies in store to surprise your mum with, but first a little history lesson.

We all celebrate ‘Mother’s Day’ or ‘Mothering Sunday’ in our own ways but where did it all start?

Well way back in 16th Century Britain, Mothering Sunday was a religious event that actually had no connection to ‘mothers’ at all. The word ‘mothering’ referred to the ‘mother church’ (yes seriously). On the fourth Sunday of Lent people returned to their ‘mother’ church for a special service. This was called ‘going a-mothering’ and became quite a highlight (probably because servants actually got a day off for this).

Well, if you’re a mother yourself you might still look forward to the ‘servants’ day off’ because let’s be honest, we do sometimes feel like we are our little angel’s servants, don’t we? Or is that just me?

Mums outside Scotland and the rest of the UK, have to wait until the second Sunday in May for their days off though, since ‘Mother’s Day’ in the US and Australia are unrelated to the Religious event, and are considered more ‘modern’ occasions. The rest of the world has a woman called Anna Jarvis to thank for the modern version of Mother’s Day as she had a desire to honour her own mother for her peace activism in the war. The idea grew from there that all mothers deserved to be honoured and celebrated.

That said, Anna Jarvis did have some hard-line views about the type of gifts you should bring to your mother. Apparently, a ready-made printed card was not acceptable nor was a box of chocolates since the gift-giver ended up being the one to eat all the chocolates. She felt so strongly about the ‘commercialism’ of Mother’s Day that she ended up boycotting the event she had lobbied to create – and she took part in protests – to the point she was arrested for disturbing the peace!

Well Anna, I hope you approve of my creations which are perfect for all mothers out there. They are unique and hand-created so you know a lot of love and attention has gone into the original design. In fact, it is my hope that mothers everywhere would feel quite spoiled to receive one of our Bumbumbee creations. For instance, to celebrate Spring and getting out in the great outdoors, we have illustrated a beautiful collection of Coastal characters and marine life designs which would create a stunning theme or feature wall at home. Given the times we are living in we thought one of our cards and a Coastal Notepad would easily create a lovely little surprise letterbox gift for Mother’s Day. Why not head over to our Shop or visit us on Instagram for some inspiration. Please note if you are ordering a gift for Mother’s Day, Wednesday 10th March 2021 is last day for orders (stock levels permitting).

You may be a working mum, a single mum, a foster mum, a would-be mum – a woman who desires to be a mum. You may have someone in your life that isn’t related by blood but feels like a mum to you. For many of us, myself included, Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder that our mothers are no longer with us, and others may have a complicated relationship with their mum. Mother’s Day can be a reminder of loss – or a day of joy – so don’t miss an opportunity to let your mother know how special she is to you. We only ever have one mother. And if you know a mum that’s doing it tough or would appreciate being acknowledged in some way – I’m sure she won’t say no to a card or a box of chocolates. 

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