Standard (non-exclusive) License

The Standard (non-exclusive) License is generally the most straight forward of them all.

Personal use
If you are using an existing artwork for personal use (say on your personal blog) or for something ‘personal’ (i.e. you are not earning money from it), then you may use the image for a one-off, Flat Fee. That image is yours to use in that agreed capacity in perpetuity. Ballpark figure (depending on the artwork required) could start from as little as £30.

One of the stipulations of the Standard (non-exclusive) License is to place the copyright symbol, year and name of the creator alongside the image to protect its copyright and to stop others from re-using that image without permission and against the wishes of the originator of the work (copyright infringement). The License will be revoked if those terms are not adhered to.

This Flat Fee is a lump sum that is paid up front at the time the License Agreement is signed. The artwork file will only be released once payment is received.

Small business/Commercial use
The Standard (non-exclusive) License also allows artwork to be licensed for minimal commercial use.  This is intended to be beneficial to small business or sole traders with limited budget.

The License is issued for 12 months at a time (to ease the strain on tight budgets) and the artwork may be licensed to other small commercial enterprises (or individuals) simultaneously (hence the non-exclusivity). 

In terms of ballpark a Standard Use (non exclusive) License can range from £50 for one year for one singular/simple product in one locality/community – £250 for up to  six drawings in a product range/theme series in one locality.

It’s worth noting greeting card publishers generally pay £250 per creative image/artwork so small business owners in the stationery market would benefit from a HUGE discount (75%) – particularly when ROI (sales as a result of the image) comes into the mix.